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Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation
List of Endorsed Candidates for 2014
Click here

2014 Elections
Governor Mark Dayton (right) and Lieutenant Governor running mate Tina Smith (left) celebrated their win with supporters at the DFL Party’s election eve gathering at the Minneapolis Hilton Hotel.
More photos: facebook.com/minneapolisunions
> Big wins for Franken, Dayton
(Minneapois Labor Review, 11/14/2014)

Unions, candidates weighing results in Minnesota House races
(Minneapois Labor Review, 11/19/2014)

In local races, 21 of 28 candidates endorsed by MRLF win election
(Minneapois Labor Review, 11/14/2014)

Five of six school levies targeted by MRLF win voters' support
(Minneapois Labor Review, 11/14/2014)

MRLF celebrates work of Labor 2014 field staff and volunteers
(Minneapois Labor Review, 11/14/2014)

> Commentary: Hard work paid off in election night wins for labor's candidates
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 11-14-14)

80th Anniversary of 1934
Minneapolis Teamsters Strikes

2014 marks the 80th anniversary the famous
Teamsters strikes in MInneapolis in 1934. History credits the strikes for making Minneapolis a union town and helping lead Congress to enact the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.
Organizers plan a commemoration of the anniversary. Connect with them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Remember1934

Organizers also are seeking descendants of the participants of the 1934 strikes. Click here for more information and a
list of names of strike participants and supporters.

From the Labor Review:

> July 17-20: Four events to commemorate 80th anniversary of 1934 strike
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 6-27-14)
>July 19-20: Street festival, picnic will honor 80th anniversary of 1934 Teamsters strikes

(Minneapolis Labor Review, 5-30-14)
>Descendants of 1934's Teamsters strikers carry proud legacy
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 5-30-14)

Rosemary Knutson displays a photo of her grandfather, Christ Knutson, a World War I veteran and coal truck driver who joined the 1934 Teamsters strikes.

> After placing striking workers in new jobs, union no longer active at Cretex
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 1-24-14)
> For striking Laborers at Cretex, preserving their pension is key issue
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 7-26-13)
> Mortenson wins bid to manage construction of new Minnesota Vikings football stadium
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 2-22-13)
> Anoka County repeals prevailing wage policy
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 2-22-13)

Suburban Labor Councils

MRLF seeks union members to organize locally with North and South Suburban Advisory Councils
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 1-25-13)

> Hard work paid off in election night wins for labor's candidates
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 11-14-14)
> To protect hard-won gains for Labor, let's Get-Out-The-Vote!
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 10-24-14)
> NOW is the time to make a difference: Volunteers needed for Labor 2014
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 9-26-14)
> Locked-out MN Orchestra Musicians deserve applause for strong stand
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 1-24-13)
> Your Minnesota state senator needs your call: ‘Raise minimum wage to $9.50!’
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 12-20-13)
> Everyday Minneapolis workers are the heart of Minneapolis labor movement
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 11-22-13)
> Vote November 5: Local races matter for Minneapolis mayor, area city councils, schools
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 10-25-13)
> Mark Andrew for mayor
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 8-23-13)
> Overdue raise in state’s minimum wage would benefit all workers
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 2-22-13)
> Lock-outs: employers abandon good faith collective bargaining
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 1-25-13)

> MRLF hires Kerry Felder as new community organizer working on education issues
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 9-20-13)
> Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation hires Graeme Allen as new community organizer
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 2-22-13)
> Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation hires Chelsie Glaubitz as new political director
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 3-23-12)
> Minneapolis Building Trades Council picks new business manager, IBEW's Dan McConnell
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 8-26-11)
> Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation hires Sarah Podenski as new policy director
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 7-29-11)
> Branch 9 Letter Carriers president Pam Donato accepts position in Washington, D.C.
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 4-29-11)
> Union Bank & Trust names new president, community banker Jeff Schrempp
(Minneapolis Labor Review, March 25, 2011)
> Laborers' Jessica Looman named DLI assistant commissioner
(Minneapoils Labor Review, January 28, 2011)
> Union member Sue Nelson continues 12-year gig as organist for Minnesota Twins
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 5-21-10)

Minneapolis Labor Review
>Current issue of Minneapolis Labor Review Newspaper
(Now available as part of Labor Review Archive)
> Minneapolis Labor Review announces 2014 publication schedule

Minneapolis Labor Review Centennial, 1907-2007

The Minneapolis Labor Review celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007 by publishing a ten-part series highlighting the history of the newspaper. Click here for an index to the series.

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation and the
Minneapolis Labor Review are pleased to present the
Labor Review Archive,
covering the years 1907-present.

Access the Labor Review Archive
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Index to Minneapolis Labor Review
100th Anniversary Labor History Series


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