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Information for candidates seeking endorsement in 2015 general election
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The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation is
a proud partner in the #MPLSWorks campaign
Click here for more information

Photo of the new Vikings football stadium, with downtown skyline to the west, shot August 12, 2015. Liz Shuler, secretary-treasurer of the national AFL-CIO, toured the stadium that day. Click here for Facebook photo album of photos from Shuler’s tour and additional photos of stadium construction August 12. As of July, the stadium was 65 per cent complete with 1,200 construction workers expected on-site through the end of the year.

> MplsWorks advocates make case for Working Families Agenda
(Workday Minnesota,10-7-15)
> #MPLSWorks campaign advances with strong community and city council member support
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 9-25-15)

> MRLF bids farewell to Bill McCarthy, president since 2002
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 9-25-15)
> Peggy Flanagan: ‘Labor is a key partner’
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 9-25-15)
> Descendants of 1934 Teamsters strikers attend unveiling of memorial
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 8-21-15)
> Liz Shuler, national AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer, tours new Vikings stadium
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 8-21-15)
> Union members well-represented among MInneapolis NAACP’s new leadership
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 8-21-15)
> Bill McCarthy elected next Minnesota AFL-CIO president
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 7-24-15)
> MRLF's Bill McCarthy wins election as president of Minnesota AFL-CIO
(Minnesota AFL-CIO news release, 7-14-15)
> UFCW members seek justice for unpaid wages
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 6-26-15)
> MRLF passes ‘Resolution on Racial and Economic Justice,’ commits to action
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 6-26-15)

Suburban Labor Councils

MRLF seeks union members to organize locally with North and South Suburban Advisory Councils
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 1-25-13)

> Bill McCarthy: Thank you to affiliated unions, rank and file members, MRLF staff
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 9-25-15)
> MRLF and #MPLSWorks kick-off campaign to raise work standards
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 8-21-15)
> Proud to advocate for all of Minnesota’s workers
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 7-24-15)
> MRLF welcomes CTUL as new affiliate, broadening community connections
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 1-23-15)

> Bill McCarthy elected next Minnesota AFL-CIO president
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 7-24-15)

> MRLF hires Alfreda Daniels as new community organizer to work in the northwest suburbs
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 6-26-15)
> Governor Dayton appoints Adam Duininck to chair Met Council
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 1-23-15)
> MRLF hires Kerry Felder as new community organizer working on education issues
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 9-20-13)
> Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation hires Graeme Allen as new community organizer
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 2-22-13)
> Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation hires Chelsie Glaubitz as new political director
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 3-23-12)
> Minneapolis Building Trades Council picks new business manager, IBEW's Dan McConnell
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 8-26-11)
> Union Bank & Trust names new president, community banker Jeff Schrempp
(Minneapolis Labor Review, March 25, 2011)
> Laborers' Jessica Looman named DLI assistant commissioner
(Minneapoils Labor Review, January 28, 2011)
> Union member Sue Nelson continues 12-year gig as organist for Minnesota Twins
(Minneapolis Labor Review, 5-21-10)

Minneapolis Labor Review
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> Minneapolis Labor Review announces 2015 publication schedule

Minneapolis Labor Review Centennial, 1907-2007

The Minneapolis Labor Review celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007 by publishing a ten-part series highlighting the history of the newspaper. Click here for an index to the series.

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation and the
Minneapolis Labor Review are pleased to present the
Labor Review Archive,
covering the years 1907-present.

Access the Labor Review Archive

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