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2012 Endorsements
Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

This list last updated September 19, 2012


Andover City Council
At Large
Val Holthus

Anoka County Commissioner
District 1
Allison Lister

District 3
Dan Sanders

District 5
Carol LeDoux

District 7
Dan Erhart

Blaine City Council
Ward 1
Richard Swanson

Brooklyn Center City Council
At Large
Lin Myszkowski
Renita Whicker

Brooklyn Park City Council
Ward E
Dakota Huseby

Coon Rapids City Council
At Large
Roger Johnson

Fridley City Council
At Large
Bob Barnette

Hennepin County Commissioner
District 2
Linda Higgins

District 5
Randy Johnson

District 6
Jan Callison

Hennepin County Judge
4th District Court 22
Steve Antolak
4th District Court 44

Lois Conroy

Minneapolis School Board
At Large
Carla Bates

District 2
Kim Ellison

District 4

Patty Wycoff

District 6
Tracine Asberry

New Hope City Council
At Large
Andy Hoffe

Three Rivers Park Board
District 2
Rick Theisen

Wright County Commissioner
District 2
Rose Thelen

(Minneapolis area endorsements by the Minnesota AFL-CIO)

(For complete list of Minnesota AFL-CIO endorsements, click here

Minnesota House of Representatives

District 18B
Logan Campa
District 29A Susann Dye
District 29B
Barrett Chrissis
District 31A
Ryan Fiereck
District 33A
Todd Mikkelson
District 33B
Denise Bader
District 35A
Jim Abeler
District 35B
Sam Scott
District 36A
Grace Baltich
District 36B
Melissa Hortman
District 37A
Jerry Newton
District 40A
Mike Nelson
District 40B
Debra Hilstrom
District 41A
Connie Bernardy
District 41B
Carolyn Laine
District 44B
John Benson
District 45A
Lyndon Carlson
District 45B
Mike Freiberg
District 46B
Steve Simon
District 48A
Yvonne Selcer
District 48B
Tori Hill
District 49A
Ron Erhardt
District 49B
Paul Rosenthal
District 50A
Linda Slocum
District 59A
Joe Mullery
District 59B
Raymond Dehn
District 60B
Phyllis Kahn
District 61A
Frank Hornstein
District 61B
Paul Thissen
District 62A
Karen Clark
District 62B
Susan Allen
District 63A
Jim Davnie
District 63B
Jean Wagenius

Minnesota Senate

District 31
Mike Starr
District 34
Sharon Bahensky
District 35
Peter Perovich
District 36
John Hoffman
District 37
Alice Johnson
District 41
Barb Goodwin
District 45
Ann Rest
District 46
Ron Latz
District 48
Laurie McKendry
District 49
Melisa Franzen
District 50
Melissa Halvorson Wiklund
District 59
Bobby Joe Champion
District 60
Kari Dziedzic
District 61
Scott Dibble
District 62
Jeff Hayden
District 63
Patricia Torres Ray

(Endorsements by the Minnesota AFL-CIO)

Anti-marriage Amendment
Photo ID to Vote

(Endorsements by the Minnesota AFL-CIO)

President and Vice President of the United States
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

U.S. Senate
Amy Klobuchar

U.S. House of Representatives

1st District Tim Walz
2nd District
Mike Obermueller
3rd District
Brian Barnes
4th District
Betty McCollum
5th District
Keith Ellison
6th District
Jim Graves
7th District
Collin Peterson
8th District
Rick Nolan


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