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Enjoy your summer…
bait a hook but take time to doorknock, too

From the Minneapolis Labor Review, June 29, 2012

By Bill McCarthy, President, Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation

Summer is here and for many Minnesota union families that means special times are planned: family get-togethers, a trip to “the lake,” or taking a special vacation with kids or grandkids while they’re out of school.

Enjoy your summer but don’t forget that we’ve got a very important election year ahead. What makes your summer fun possible — that union job with good pay and health benefits and paid vacation — could be at risk pending the outcome of the 2012 elections.

Earlier this year, Minnesota union members worked long and hard to defeat the unsafe, unfair, unnecessary “Right to Work” constitutional amendment proposed at the state legislature. We don’t want to fight that battle again in the 2013 legislature. This fall, we need to elect a pro-labor majority in the Minnesota legislature so we can move our state forward in 2013.

To get active in the
Labor 2012 campaign,
contact Adam Robinson at 612-321-5672 or adam@minneapolisunions.org.

We’ve got a strong friend in Governor Mark Dayton — but he needs a legislature that will work with him to invest in education, invest in jobs, invest in improvements to state infrastructure. Looking at the results from the past two legislative sessions, we clearly need a change in the current make-up of both the Minnesota House and Senate.

As we’ve learned in past election cycles, we can’t wait until after Labor Day to start paying attention to the coming elections. We can’t wait.

If we’re serious about helping our labor-endorsed candidates win their races, we need to get busy this summer, knocking on doors, making phone calls.

That’s where you come in. We know that nothing is more effective than one union member talking with another union member about why issues at the state legislature are important and why it matters which candidates win election this November.

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation has identified six targeted legislative races where we will focus our efforts, as well as other key races (see story, page 1). From election results over the past few years, and with new legislative boundaries resulting from redistricting, we know these targeted races are races where our work — your work — can make a difference.

So, enjoy your summer plans — but I urge you to also plan to set aside a few hours to join the MRLF and other union members to doorknock or make phone calls on behalf of our labor endorsed candidates for state legislature.

To volunteer, contact MRLF organizer Adam Robinson at 612-312-5672 or adam@minneapolisunions.org.

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