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Our 'Minnesota Wants to Work' campaign becomes national effort

From the Minneapolis Labor Review, September 30, 2011

By Bill McCarthy, President, Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation

We’re excited to announce that the work we’ve been doing here in Minnesota has become a model for the labor movement to kick-off a national advocacy campaign for jobs.

In January of 2011, the Twin Cities area was selected by the national AFL-CIO as one of five pilot metro regions to develop a campaign model to reach out to unemployed and under-employed workers, to provide needed services, and very importantly, to empower these workers to engage in advocacy efforts to call for job creation.

Our  region was selected for this task because the national AFL-CIO believed we had the organizational capacity to do the job.

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation partnered with the Minnesota AFL-CIO and the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation to develop and launch the “Minnesota Wants to Work” campaign.

Now, drawing from the experience of Minneapolis-St. Paul and the four other pilot programs, the AFL-CIO has launched a nationwide campaign, “America Wants to Work.”

The “America Wants to Work” campaign is planning a national week of action, October 10-16.

In the Twin Cities, our local events still were being finalized as the Labor Review went to press. For the final schedule, visit www.minneapolisunions.org or www.minnesotawantstowork.org.

America Wants to Work
National Week of Action
October 10-16, 2011

For Minnesota events,
watch for a schedule at

News reports daily reflect an economy in which working families are struggling. Yet, until now, the unemployed and underemployed have not mobilized to demand jobs.

America Wants to Work and Minnesota Wants to Work will help the unemployed and underemployed find their collective voice and take action.

Earlier this year, our Minnesota Wants to Work campaign brought unemployed construction workers to come testify before state and local government about the need for jobs and to urge approval of public funds to facilitate an expansion of the Mall of America. Their testimony was powerful. Decision-makers did their part and approved this job-creating investment.

The Minnesota Wants to Work campaign, as part of the national America Wants to Work campaign, now moves into a new phase — and will become a major focus of our work at the MRLF.

I encourage you to take part, whether you currently are working or unemployed.

Minnesotans need jobs!


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