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Index to Minneapolis Labor Review 100th Anniversary Labor History Series

Minneapolis Labor Review Centennial, 1907-2007

Published March 22, 2007: The first ten years, 1907-1916
Labor Review launched in 1907 with grand designs, survived a scandal four years later, then reorganized
> Robley Cramer became Labor Review editor in 1915 — and served 48 years!

Published April 19, 2007: In war and peace, 1917-1926
Labor Review's second ten years: editor defies injunction, goes to jail
> 'Declaring 'submission to wrong is not patriotism,' local telephone workers went on strike in 1918'
> Beat the Tom-Toms (reprinted from March 16, 1917 Labor Review)

Published May 24, 2007: From Depression to Triumph, 1927-1936
100th Anniversary Issue

Message from John Sweeney, AFL-CIO president, to the Minneapolis Labor Review
> Minneapolis Labor Review, 1907-2007: Preserving and continuing a proud legacy
> In the beginning... Labor Review born in 1907 during a boom decade for Minneapolis
> Beginning third decade, Labor Review charged ahead in protest and politics
> Alliance assails your paper (reprinted from September 26, 1930 Labor Review)
> To them the credit (reprinted from November 7, 1930 Labor Review)
> 1934 brought three successive Teamsters strikes: broke the power of the anti-union Citizens Alliance
> Workers spied out the truth... and Labor Review printed the story
> Labor Review offers unique chronicle of turbulent 1930s in Minneapolis
> The 1935 Strutwear strike: 'The stories of the workers are different'
> To learn more: Minneapolis Labor History 101 reading list

Published June 21, 2007: Fighting fascism, 1937-1946
> The Labor Review's fourth decade: fighting fascism at home and abroad
> To counter annual celebration of 1934 Teamsters victory, business leaders conceived the Minneapolis Aquatennial

Referenced in June 21, 2007 issue:
> To counter annual celebration of 1934 Teamsters victory, business leaders conceived the Minneapolis Aquatennial (Unabridged version)
> Vigilantes Aimed At Unions; Benson Brings Peace To Albert Lea And Prevents Violence (Minneapolis Labor Review, April 9, 1937)
Part 1 (900 KB PDF download)
Part 2 (844 KB PDF download)

Published July 26, 2007: Post-war battles, 1947-1956
> The Labor Review's fifth decade: a struggle to protect hard-won rights
> My dad, Floyd B. Olson, and the 1951 Minneapolis school janitors strike

Published August 23, 2007: Cramer era ends, 1957-1966
> The Labor Review's sixth decade: Trustee ousts the CLUC president and retires R.D. Cramer, editor since 1915
> Ahead of his time, Labor Review editor Cramer understood link between pursuing peace abroad, social justice at home; Cramer became early advocate for the creation of a U.S. Department of Peace

Published September 20, 2007: A time of tumult, 1967-1976
> In Labor Review's seventh decade, the labor movement responded to era's social movements and anti-war cause
> McCarthy's campaign in 1968: new DFL activists battled labor

Published October 18, 2007: From Carter's 'malaise' to Reaganomics, 1977-1986
> The Labor Review's eighth decade: a lagging economy brings mass rallies for jobs and against 'Reaganomics'

Published November 15, 2007: For unions and jobs, 1987-1996
> The Labor Review's ninth decade: an era of union-busting, plant closings, and wins for labor champion Paul Wellstone

Published December 20, 2007: 100 years old in era of the internet, 1997-2006
Labor Review's tenth decade: longtime editor Wally Nelson retires, newspaper goes monthly, launches on-line archive



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